Social Media has taken the internet by storm, quickly becoming THE source for news, gossip, and trending topics. It’s the hub for political opinion, #hashtags, memes, and overnight internet sensations. But, most importantly, social media is the place to connect with long lost friends, stay updated on the lives of loved ones, and share your life with friends, family, and people around the world. If any of this sounds enticing, you may want to start with some of the most popular social media sites. While taking on social media can be a little intimidating, it really is pretty user-friendly. There are a number of how-to guides, tours, and help pages on each site. Below, you’ll find some very basic information about each one.


With more than 1 billion users, Facebook is the power house of the social media world. You can personalize the website by creating your own profile. With Facebook, you can search for your friends and family and view their profile, post a message or picture to their profile, or send private messages to them, which works much like email. The people who you are friends with will show up on your “News Feed” anytime they share a picture, website link, status update, or anything that matters to them. If you like what they post, you can hit the infamous “Like It” button to show that you enjoy their share.

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Twitter allows you to share an idea, moment, picture, or video in real time through what is known as a tweet. You can interact with people on twitter by following them, tweeting to them, and retweeting one of their posts. The catch is that you only have 142 characters in each tweet, meaning you have to be creative and get to the point.

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Instagram is where you can share your life through the camera’s lens in current time. With Instagram, you can snap a picture and upload it to the site instantly. Your followers see moments in your life as they happen. This is a great place for seniors who love photography and love to share pictures.

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Pinterest is a place where you can organize and share some of your favorite things on the internet. The “pins” are visual bookmarks. Your “boards” are where you collect and store your pins by topic. Some popular boards include health and beauty, fitness, cooking, home d├ęcor, and DIY crafts.

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A Note on Hashtags

You’ll find hashtags on all four of these sites. Beginning with the # symbol, hashtags add a topic to your post. You can have your hashtag say anything, but if you use a more common or trending hashtag like #Christmas #NationalCatDay #TBT, your post will likely show up in someone’s search for that specific topic.

Social Media Days of the Week

If you want to participate in some social media trends, here are a few fun and popular trends that happen on these popular sites – one per every day of the week. Make sure you include the hashtag.

#MCM – Man Crush Monday. From pictures of hunky celebs to wise words from dad, every Monday, post something about a man you admire.

#TransformationTuesday – Transformation Tuesday. Show off your weight loss, makeover, or any other before and after.

#WCW – Woman Crush Wednesday. From pictures of mom to classic quotes from famous actresses, every Wednesday, post something about a woman you admire.

#TBT – Throw Back Thursday. Every Thursday, you can post a picture or memory from way back when.

#FridayReads – Friday Reads. Every Friday, post about your favorite book, what you are currently reading, or what you want to read.

#Caturday – Cat Saturday. Every Saturday, show your love for felines by posting a picture of your cat or other cute things about cats.

#SundayFunday – Sunday Funday. While it typically involves young twenty-somethings drinking some mid-day adult beverages, you can still use this tag to show off your good time by posting pictures of the fun activities you are doing every Sunday.