• How to Get the Best Deals on Airfare Tickets

  • by Casey Chisholm

Planning a vacation can become very price, and often times it is hard to know if you are getting the best deals. Airfare can get extremely pricey. So, how do you know if you are getting the best deal? Here are a few tips that will get you the best rates on your air travel.

When Is The Best Day To Buy 

 Airlines typically announce their sales on Monday evenings, so on Tuesday the competing companies will lower their prices in order to match their pricing. With this being said Tuesday afternoons have been found to be a good time to score reduced airfare. Wednesday evenings around 1am are also a good time to steal some deals on plane tickets, this will be a good time to pick up any deals that didn’t get taken on Tuesday.

While you may be able to get a good deal on Tuesdays, studies have shown that weekends are actually the best time to buy airfare. On average, airline tickets were around 5 percent cheaper on the weekends in order to attract the leisure travelers.

So what day is the best to buy? Look for any deals being offered on Monday, if you find one plan to buy your ticket the following day. If there are no deals available, wait until the weekend to get the best pricing.

When Is The Best Day To Fly

The most expensive days to fly are by far Friday and Saturday, due to the high demand. On average the best day to fly is Tuesday, less people travel on Tuesday which reduces the demand, which ultimately reduces the price.

The time you fly is also a big factor in airfare cost. The first flight of the day is always going to be the cheapest, no one wants to fly out at 4 am but it does reduce the price of your ticket substantially.

How Far In Advance Should You Buy

The best time to buy your tickets is about 6 weeks before you are going to go, obviously if you find a good deal before that grab it, but the prices usually start to slowly incline any closer to the date of your departure.

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