Carving pumpkins are one of the best ways to spend Halloween with your grandchildren. Here are a few ways to help making carving the perfect pumpkin easier.

Choosing a pumpkin

When selecting your pumpkin there are a few things you should keep in mind including size, weight, and color. The darker the color of the pumpkin the firmer it will be, and while it will be more difficult to carve it will last much longer.

Pumpkins are perishable

Don’t forget that pumpkins are food and they do go bad. Placing vaseline on the edges of the carved pieces as well as using a preservative spray will add a couple more days onto the life of your pumpkin, but the best way to keep your pumpkin fresh is to keep it out of the sunlight and wrapped in plastic. Try lightly misting your pumpkin with water everyday to ensure that it stays moist, and your pumpkin should last roughly 2 weeks.

Selecting a stencil

Many different sites offer a variety of stencils you can use to carve your pumpkin. Keep your design choice simple, a more complex design could become frustrating. The idea is to have a good time carving pumpkins with the family.

Selecting you’re tools

Most tools are reasonably priced at local discount and grocery stores. While the expensive tools sets are nice, they are really not necessary. You can create a beautifully carved pumpkin with a simple ten dollar set.

Carve outside

It is no secret that carving a pumpkin can get very messy, take your project outside if you can and avoid any unfortunate spills.

Removing the seeds

The best way to remove the seeds from a pumpkin is to turn the pumpkin upside down. While this might seem strange, cutting the whole at the bottom of the pumpkin actually has many advantages. One is that the seeds are at the bottom of the pumpkin and the majority of them will come out once you cut the bottom open. Another advantage is that you can hold the pumpkin by the stem, this makes moving the pumpkin around a whole lot easier. Lastly, if you do choose to put a candle in your pumpkin you can set the pumpkin on top of the candle and don’t have to worry about lighting the candle through the pumpkin.

Leave the walls thick

Be careful not to remove too much of the pumpkins exterior walls. Too thin of walls can cause problems when carving your pumpkin.

Helping your grandchildren

Place your hands on top of your grandchildren’s to help guide them while carving.

Pumpkin seeds

Roast your pumpkin seeds for a nice snack. Preheat your oven to 350 degress, place the seeds on a large cookie sheet and sprinkle olive oil and salt over the seeds, and roast for about 45 minutes until the are a light golden color.


Lastly, don’t forget to be safe and have fun. Enjoy the time you are spending with your loved ones and remember to take lots of pictures to remember the experience.