• What Would it Look Like if Steve Jobs Were a Reverse Mortgage Lender?

  • by McKenna Meyer

If Steve Jobs had been a reverse mortgage lender, he would have structured his mission around how to make the process of accessing the equity in your home, an enriching experience.


Steve Jobs transformed the computer industry by modeling Apple not off of existing technology companies, but off of the hotel industry –specifically the Four Seasons. The Four Seasons is a hotel who has built a reputation for going above and beyond, to serve guests.


Jobs moved the computer industry out of warehouses and into the iconic glass-windowed stores of shopping malls all over the world. It was from here that Jobs created an unrivaled customer service model.


Enrich Lives

It was never Jobs’ intention that Apple employees would sell computers. Instead, employees are trained to enrich lives. Visiting an Apple store is meant to be an enjoyable and interactive experience. You will never find black screens at an Apple store. All products are hooked-up to internet, encouraging shoppers to test out the devices. This all amounts to the creation of an ownership experience that is designed to engage customers.


Ownership Experience

I would say that reverse mortgages also create an ownership experience for borrowers. A reverse mortgage loan is special in that the borrower is never removed from the title of the home*. This means that with a reverse mortgage loan, you will still be responsible for the home’s upkeep, taxes, and insurance as you typically would, because you are on title and remain the homeowner as long as you live in the home.

A reverse mortgage is a financial tool that helps borrowers improve their lives. The program is structured to respect the borrower’s independence by allowing senior homeowners to access the equity in their home and take advantage of this additional income without ever leaving the home that they love. We want to help you maintain your independence because we value your desire to comfortably and affordably age in place.


Provide Solutions

At Apple, employees are trained to ensure that customers leave the store not necessarily with a computer, but with a solution. The solution could be providing a customer with information on the newest iPhone model, or showing a shopper how to showcase their photos from a recent vacation in a slideshow on their iPad. Apple employees want their customers to leave the store with a solution to whatever it is that made them enter the store in the first place. As a result, the customers’ lives are enriched. At Apple, sales follow as a result of the customer service mission to enrich lives by providing solutions, rather than “sell computers.”

The licensed experts at One Reverse Mortgage are also trained to provide customers with solutions. At ORM, we believe that “numbers and money follow; they do not lead.” This is evident through the detailed conversations our bankers have with potential clients. When you call a One Reverse Mortgage licensed expert you will be asked about your lifestyle needs and retirement goals. This information is just as important to our bankers as any information concerning your home.

Our bankers will be able to advise whether or not the program is right for you as well as recommend which loan option: fixed lump sum, line of credit, or reverse for purchase, makes sense for you based off of your individual situation.

A reverse mortgage is in its simplest form, a loan, but more importantly, it is a program designed to help you improve your life and accomplish your retirement dreams. Our licensed experts are very proud of this customer service model which is further backed up by our 95% customer service satisfaction rating.


Our Culture

As a member of the Quicken Loans family of companies, One Reverse Mortgage shares a vision and a culture where we are obsessed with finding a better way. We call this culture our ISMs: the methods and mottos we live by and take to work with us every day.


Have you ever questioned why you purchased your desktop at the Apple store when you could have gotten the same product at a discounted price at Best Buy? Customers are willing to pay a premium for the customer service and the experience that comes with buying a computer at an Apple store. Why does this happen? Well the rewards are priceless.

Similarly, there is a lot to consider when choosing a reverse mortgage refinance loan and a reverse mortgage lender. When choosing a lender, make sure that your lender can provide you with solutions that enrich your life.

*You remain responsible for counseling costs, taxes, insurance, and maintenance expenses.