iPhone, iPad…iProblems. Today’s technology can become overwhelming unless your grandchildren are around to patiently explain the iWorld to you. Here are apps designed to help manage your daily activities and make you a tech savvy grandparent at the same time!

1. Eye Reader – $1.99

Eye Reader magnifies text using the iPhone screen. Besides using the zoom function whenever you misplace your reading glasses, the app contains an adjustable LED light that can brighten text for reading small print in dark places, prescription labels, and restaurant menus.

Similar Apps: Silver Surf (Free)

2. Rxmind Me Prescription – Free

RxmindMe Prescription provides simple ways to manage your prescriptions by setting reminders on your phone. The adjustable reminders notify users when to take medications while also tracking additional information (e.g. which medications should be taken with food). RxmindMe will count down how many pills are left in the prescription to ensure that prescriptions are renewed on time. Users can easily export the medications list to a caregiver as well as record medication adherence using the check box function of the app.

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3. Swing by Swing – Free

This golf GPS rangefinder and scorecard tracks distances to the center of the green, wind speed, and elevation just like a $300 rangefinder. The app offers actual as well as “plays like” distances to the front, middle, and back of greens that are used to make club suggestions along with a satellite photo of the current hole. The score card function includes games for match, skins, and stroke play. Swing by Swing works on every golf course and uses its corresponding website to keep users’ stats and track improvement.

4. Park’n’Forget – $0.99

Don’t waste time wandering a parking structure when you can use this app to remember where you parked your car! Users have the ability to input the floor, aisle, or spot number of the parking structure to record their car’s location or you can simply turn on the app and let it track your movements from the car to your destination. The app records how long it will take you to return to your car so that it can use this information to alert users when their walk time is equal to the time left on a parking meter.

Similar Apps: Honk ($0.99), iFind My Car ($0.99), iReturn (Free), Find my car (Free)

5. Lumosity Brain Trainer – Free

The Lumosity Brain Trainer app keeps your cognitive skills sharp with attention, memory, and problem solving games.

6. iTriage – Free

Find immediate answers to symptom questions using this app to search for diseases, medications, and locations of the nearest medical facilities. App also offers estimated wait times and the ability to set appointments on your mobile for select facilities. As well as resources for medical information, the app can be used to keep track of your personal conditions, doctors, insurance information, and medications. The app was designed by two Emergency Room physicians with the purpose of providing users with immediate information to their medical questions.

Similar Apps: Medscape (Free), Micromedex (Free)

7. A Story Before Bed – $9.99

Despite the steep price this is a really unique app for long distance grandparents who want to sustain an active role in their grandchildren’s lives by reading bed time stories to their grandkids. This app allows grandparents to record audio and video as they read books from the application library that is then sent to their grandchildren. What’s really great is that grandkids can follow along with the story’s images on their iPad while also viewing the footage of their grandparents in the corner of the screen.


Tell us which apps you use to manage your health, activities, and relationships!