• Senior Health – 7 Ways to Sleep Better

  • by Kristen Curzytek

At any age a good night’s rest is very important. Without enough shut eye it can affect how productive your next day will be. If you are having a hard time sleeping we have some easy tips to improve your next slumber. Here are seven easy tips you can do before you go to bed tonight.

Avoiding falling asleep with the TV on – The best environment for sleep is one that is quite and dark. Sleeping with the TV on can be a hard habit to break but is one you should try to. If light is something you have to have while sleeping try a night light. Start with a bright light and work to a dimmer light each month. If sound is what you like with a TV try a sleep machine. A sleep machine provides a white noise of rain or some other soothing sound.

Avoid having pets in your bed during sleep – It can be tempting to let Fido sleep in your bed; however pets have their own sleep clock. Not to mention most pets turn into bed hogs. Get your pet their own bed if you want them to sleep in their bed and not yours. Or make sure they stay out of your bedroom when it comes time for bed.

Avoid Exercising before bed – Exercise warms up your core temperature and rev can up your energy levels making it hard for your body to wind down. Avoid a heavy workout at least 2 hours before bed time.

Avoid drinking a lot before bed time- Drink a lot before bed and you will be making lots of trips to bathroom at night. Avoid liquids before bed and caffeinated drinks. Caffeine will keep you up at night and prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep.

Avoid eating fatty foods before bed – Fatty meals can lead to heartburn which can lead to a disruptive night sleep. Try to avoid eating your last meal at least three hours before you go to bed. Eat a healthy light snack before bed time.

Avoid snorers – Having a partner that snorers can be disruptive to your sleep. Look into snore solutions. If your partner will not have any part in snore solutions you may want to consider sleeping in a different room.

Avoid stress before bed time – This always happens to me. Super tired ready for bed, finally get into bed close my eyes and my mind starts to go a million miles a second. I am thinking about everything and anything, preventing me from falling into a deep sleep. I looked for help online and came across a great tip; make a list of your worries for today and tomorrow. Writing things down can free your mind from constantly thinking about them. Another thing I do before bed is do a few stretches.

If doing these simple tips still does not help you get the good night sleep you need you should consult your doctor. There are many options for medication that can help you get a better night’s sleep.