• 7 Things to do to Save On Your Heating Bill

  • by Kristen Curzytek

A good portion of the United States is experiencing another Polar Vortex but hopefully no more snow. That means as the temperatures drop outside the thermostat is rising on the inside. Did you know the average American household spends $2,200 a year on home energy bills? Checking a few areas of your and conducting a few home repairs you can cut the cost of your energy bills significantly. Here are seven things to do to help cut the cost of your heating bill.

Have your furnace tuned up – You should have your furnace inspected at least once a year to be sure it is running efficiently. There is nothing worse than not having heat when you really need heat. Tune ups can vary in cost but an efficient running furnace will save you that money in no time.

Plug up your chimney – If you have a chimney in your home you want to have it inspected yearly. When your chimney is not being used keep the flue closed. However, warm air is still escaping when the flue is closed. There is an easy solution to block the airflow and that is with an inflatable chimney balloon. These balloons only cost about $50 and save you about $100 in a year.

Don’t use your curtains – On sunny days pull back your curtains to allow the sun to come into a room. Get the most out of your curtains by investing in a ticker set of curtains. Thick curtains can help keep cold air from leaking into the room through the window.

Wear more layers – Yes wearing boxers and a t-shirt around the house is comfortable it isn’t the ideal outfit in the winter time. Wear warm layers around the house and cozy up with a blanket. This will allow you to keep your heat setting lower. Keeping your thermostat at a lower setting by just two degrees can save you money.

Programmable thermostat-We have posted a few articles about lowering your heating bill and we always mention the programmable thermostat. These are super simple to use and can really reduce your heating costs. You can set your home to your schedule so when you aren’t at home your heat doesn’t have to be one. This is another item that can may for itself in no time.

Invest in flannel – Update your bedroom with flannel sheets and flannel blankets. Flannel is warm because it is made from a wool cotton blend and holds the heat well. Don’t worry about being stuck with tartan everything. Flannel blankets and sheets come in many different patterns.

Talk to your utility company – Calling your utility company and asking for a price cut can help with your monthly bill. Many utility companies give seniors a break on their bills. Some utility companies will send someone out to your home to give your house an energy audit and give you suggestions on ways to cut the cost of your heating bill.

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