• Senior Savings: How to Save Big at the Grocery Store

  • by Kristen Curzytek

If you are an avid reader of the One Reverse Mortgage blog, Retiring Wise, you know that we provide you all the information you need to be savvy senior with money tips, health tips and reverse mortgage information. One of most popular series is this one….Senior Savings. This post will focus on how to save big at the grocery store.

Have list: Sounds simple, and really doesn’t sound like it would save you anything but think about it. If you go to the grocery store without your list you more likely to pick up things that you don’t need but just happened to see in the store. If you stick to your list you will likely avoid picking up items you don’t need.

Choose the best store: Many big box stores have loyalty programs for their customers in form of online coupons or saver club cards. Compare your local stores to the big box stores to figure out which has the better deals. You can also compare prices with items you typically buy like bread and milk.

Shop on a full stomach: Grocery shopping on an empty stomach will likely have you reaching for some impulse purchases that you likely only want because you are hungry. Have a healthy satisfying snack before going shopping and you will avoid picking up that gallon of ice cream.

Choose the healthy option: vegetables and fruits are cheaper than the over processed foods and are a healthier option. Your first stop for fruits and vegetables should be a farmer’s market. You can get the best deals on fresh produce.

Get the rain check: items on a good sale price typically disappear quickly from store shelves. Don’t miss the deal just because the product isn’t in stock. Many stores offer rain checks for items on sale that they ran out of. Ask your cashier for a rain check before you leave. Store your rain check with your coupons

Use coupons, get your paper late Sunday night: Your Sunday paper is full of coupons. If you are not getting a Sunday paper you should. You should also pick up your paper late on Sunday. While stores have to send back unsold papers to the newspaper providers, you may be able to get the coupons from the leftover papers.

Buy store brands: Did you know store brands are made by the same companies that make the name brand stuff? Even better, the store brands are usually cheaper than and usually taste the same as the brand name kind.

Shop the perimeter: typically, the items on the perimeter of the store are the sale items and also the healthy options. Perimeter spaces are easier to stock which is typically why you will find the sale stuff in this area.

Shop with a calculator: When you use a calculator when you shop you can determine if you are staying on budget, finding out of the large item is worth the sale prices compared to the regular size item and much more.

Have a coupon book: My coupon book includes of course my coupons, rain checks, calculator and a spot for my shopping list. It makes it easy to have everything organized into categories so when I’m done shopping I can quickly get my coupons for the items I’m buying.

These simple tips for the grocery store can help you save big! Another important tip when it comes to grocery shopping is to take your time.  When you hurry you will likely miss out on a deal.


What tips do you have for savings at the grocery store?