• 10 Common Senior Travel Mistakes

  • by Kristen Curzytek

We are now in the middle of summer and in the thick of travel season. Whether your plans include visiting grandkids or visiting a tropical location we have the top 10 travel mistakes people make. Here is what you need to know to make your next vacation a mistake free trip!

Over packing – This is the first mistake we all make while on vacation. While the saying is true, you can never be too prepared, over packing can be costly. Most airlines charge fees for heavy bags once they go over a certain weight. Try to bring items with you that work together so you can mix and match outfits during your trip. Also, try and limit yourself to the absolute necessities for your trip.

Not checking the weather – Weather predictions for a week vacation can change with the drop of a hat. It’s important to check the forecast for your trip multiple times before your vacation to help you decide what to pack. Just because a location is topical doesn’t mean it won’t cool down.

Forgetting chargers – whether it is your phone charger or camera charger both are easy to leave behind for a vacation. To avoid forgetting these precious necessities pack these items first. If you have an extra memory cards for your camera that is a good item to pack as well.

Not having insurance – medical insurance is a must while you are traveling. In case of any sort of accident sure occur you have the peace of mind knowing you are have insurance.

Not packing for all weather conditions – Tropical destinations can be chilly at any time of the year. Even if you are going to a tropical location remember to bring to bring at least one warm pair of pants and a warm sweater.  

Booking your trip too early – we all have seen the hundreds of commercials for all the hotel sites that promise to save you money when you book your hotel, and they totally can. The important thing to remember is when you book your stay that will truly make a difference on the price. Booking travel and hotel too early before your trip can be costly. Do your research and determine when the best time to book your stay is.

Not having tipping money – a common thing over looked on vacation is having the tipping fund fully stocked with singles, fives and tens. It can be difficult to get change while on your vacation so plan ahead and don’t forget to tip your waitresses!

Travel size necessities – This tip is especially important for those of you who are flying. With the limit on carry-on liquids, travel size necessities are the best bet. Travel size toiletries are also useful even if you are not flying because they can really save room in your luggage.

Forgetting to let your bank know if your travels – This a common mistake for those traveling out of the country. It is always a good idea to alert your financial institute that you will be traveling. This way you don’t have to worry about your card being turned off or receiving phone call after phone call from your bank wondering if you are actually using your card.

Trying to do too much during your trip – Your vacation should be about relaxing and really enjoying your time off from the normal everyday life. You shouldn’t force yourself to jam pack every minute of your vacation. Do what you want to do when you want to do it, it’s your vacation, enjoy it!

These tips should help with your next trip and if you are traveling alone check out our helpful tips for traveling alone.