• Super Foods For Pain

  • by Kristen Curzytek

Pain medicine can become a daily need as we get older. Unfortunately a lot of pain medicines have side effects that are not good for our overall health. However, there are some foods that help fight pain just as affectively as medicines. Here are some of nature’s best pain medicines for fighting your aches and pains.


Chemists at Michigan State University have discovered that tart cherry extract is ten time more effective than aspirin at relieving inflammation. Start your day off with two tablespoons of concentrated cherry juice to see results on inflammation on your joints. Not a fan of cherries? Blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries all have the same anti-pain ingredients. Consult your local nutritionist for recommended doses for the berries.

Celery and celery seed

We may now have the answer to why a bowl of chicken noodle soup always seems to make us feel better, celery. Celery and celery seed has been found to have more than 20 anti-inflammatory compounds, this according to James Duke, Ph.D. Celery and celery seed are simple ingredient to add to dishes especially soups to help ease your pain.


In recent years ginger has the spice that has spicing up all sorts of studies for its long lists of benefits it gives our bodies. You can now add ginger to the list of items that eases pain. In order to see the benefits from ginger and relief from pain you need to have 500 and 1,000 milligrams.

Salmon, mackerel and herring

These fatty fishes all contain valuable Omega-3s which has shown in research to decrease inflammation and pain. According to the National Institute of Health, fish oil is an anti-inflammatory agent. I guess that’s why you never hear fish scream when they get hooked! More research still needs to be conducted but current research shows that taking fish oil reduces pain and inflammation especially for arthritis issues.

Raw walnuts

Raw walnuts have the same Omega-3 fatty acids that are found in the fish mentioned above. So if you are not a fish person you can get the same benefit from raw walnuts. You cannot get the same benefits when the walnuts are cooked because much of the Omega-3s are cooked out. Raw walnuts is certainly a required taste, you have been warned!


This super fruit has an enzyme called papain that has been so incredible that pain doctors have isolated the enzyme for injections to help with back pain. While the fruit is super yummy the nutrients are mostly found in the skin of the papaya. Your best bet to get the benefit is to buy the supplements to help with pain.

Although these are foods and not actual medicine you should still consult your doctor before you add anything to your diet. If you are into natural ways to cure aches and pains supplements of many kinds can be just as beneficial as the foods listed above. Consult your local nutritionist for expert knowledge on supplements for pain and other ailments.


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