• Spring into Shape!

  • by Michelle Petrovic

Spring has definitely sprung, which means it’s time to shake off those bulky winter clothes and lace up those running shoes! Many older people tend to slow down in winter, health experts say that keeping active all year is a key to good health, specifically for seniors. Exercising has tons of benefits: lower blood pressure, improved sleep and mood and not to mention weight control. These are all good reasons for you older folks out there to keep moving during colder months.


Getting started:

If you don’t exercise regularly make sure to check with your doctor prior to starting an exercise program.
What you can do to spring into shape:

  • Exercise at home: With exercise programs on TV or with a home workout video/DVD there are plenty of options right there in your own living room.
  • Making little changes that add up:  Park further away than you normally would from any venue you drive to and walk that extra distance. Every little bit helps!
  • Walk at the mall: Malls are climate controlled and have safe surfaces that make walking a great way to stay in shape. Many malls have clubs, check yours out.
  • Sign up for aerobics, yoga classes or go swimming: All of these activities emphasize good heart health and flexibility, which are important for safety and endurance.
  • Taking the stairs: Stair climbing works the muscles that make it possible to keep your balance while rising from a chair, it’s important to keep these muscles strong.


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Safety First:

  • Wear shoes with rubber grips to prevent falls in slippery weather conditions.
  • Stretching is a perfect way to warm up before and cool down after any exercise. This lowers your risk for injury.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking water before exercise, during and after.


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Eat better!

  • The quality of our diet is even more important as we age because we need fewer calories. Make every calorie count by including nutrient-rich foods: whole grains, lean protein, low or non-fat dairy, healthy fats, and lots of fruits and vegetables.
  • Choose fiber rich foods such as whole grain breads/cereals, beans, fruits and veggies to help control weight, keep you regular, and lower your risk of heart disease/diabetes.
  • Shoot for 3 servings of low or non-fat milk or yogurt each day for bone strengthening calcium.
  • Be mindful of the fluids you consume each day. Beverages like juice, smoothies, coffee drinks, and soft drinks can add lots of calories. We all know water is the best way to go but have you ever considered adding some fruit juice to your water? You get flavor and vitamins!


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