• Save Money: Best Time of the Year to Buy Everything

  • by Kristen Curzytek

Who doesn’t love to get a bargain or super great deal on something? But do you ever feel you are missing out on the really good deals? Feel like you bought something at the wrong time of the year? Wish you could have got a better deal? Coupons are an easy way to get a deal on something but did you know there are certain times of the year you should buy things? Here is a list of what to buy and when.


Work out gear, liens, coats and toys are all items you can find on sale with a deep discount. After holiday sales make winter items all good purchases for January.


After Valentine’s Day you can find good discounts on chocolate but also on expensive foods like steak and seafood. Candles and home décor are also good purchases in February.


Candy is also a good buy in March if Easter happens to fall in March. Luggage is another item you can find on a good discount as well just before all the spring break trips! Smaller electronics are also good to buy at this time.


Spring clothing and work out gear gets discounted around April. April usually is the month where marathons start happening more frequently. Spring cleaning items like mops, vacuums and power washers are all on sale during April.


Big ticket items like mattresses and appliances and deeply discounted in May to make room for the new models.


June is wedding season which means you can find deep discounts on dishes, small kitchen appliances and small electronics like cameras and cell phones.


Indoor and outdoor furniture can be a great buy in July as stores try to reduce inventory as much as possible. July is also the peak season for many fruits and picnic foods.


Air conditions and school supplies are all on sale at the end of summer. Even if you do not have kids going back to school time is the best time to pick up items you need in your home office.


Outdoor items like bikes, canoes, and camping supplies are typically the cheapest in September.  Summer clothing and bathing suits are also deeply discounted in the month of September.


Car companies release the new models in October which means this year’s models will be sold for cheap to make room for the new models. Depending on where you live in the country winter clothing is usually hitting stores in October. October is the best month to stock up on winter clothing and accessories.


Stock up for all your holiday cooking needs in November. You can find banking supplies for cheap in November. Tools, toys and wedding gowns are all items you can find at bargain-basement prices.


Electronics, champagne, golf clubs and toys are all good purchases in the month of December. You can also find good deals on cars during holiday sales. Rich expensive foods and candy are also good purchases after the holidays.

The best months to do any shopping are typically January, September and December after Christmas.  The worst months to shop are February, March and October. Of course it all depends on what you are looking for.

What tips do you have for finding a bargain?


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