• How to Take Advantage of the Senior Discount

  • by Kristen Curzytek

There is a long list of places around the country where seniors can get a discount on goods and services. To really get the full benefits of these discounts you really need to be a savvy shopper. Here are some helpful suggestions to help you save the most money with your senior discounts.

Research before you buy – For traveling, hotels, museums, and even restaurants you can find senior discounts listed on their website. This is great for people who might be a little sheepish asking for a discount. You can simply mention that you saw a discount on the website for seniors.

Ask – For those you are not sheepish the next best thing then doing research is asking for a discount. Places that offer senior discounts rarely make it known that a discount is available. The easiest way to find out if a store or restaurant offers a discount to seniors is to ask. At check out or when you pay for your bill ask if they offer any kind of senior discount. May places offer a discount or something for free.

Read the fine print – Stores that do offer a senior discount may only offer the discount at a specific date or time. There may also be restrictions based on how much you spend or what you buy. It is best to figure out the restrictions before you make any purchases so you know when the best time to buy is.

Join groups or club – A prime example of discount card would be AARP. For just $16 a year you can join AARP and enjoy savings on everything from car rentals to percentages off of shipping at UPS. The AARP membership is available to people age 50 or older.

Determine if the “senior discount” is the best discount – Many places do offer a discount to seniors but the discounts usually cannot be combined with other offers. If you already have coupons for a product or service determine which will save you more money. Sometimes the senior discount does not save you more over a special promotion or coupon.

Remember to use the discount – A discount is only good if you use it. When out in about have your spouse or friend help you to remember to use your discount.  If I am not shopping with anyone I set a reminder on my phone to remind to use my coupons when checking out.

Tips to getting the discount

  • Be courteous when asking for your senior discount.
  • Try to remember to inquire about the discount before the bill has arrived.
  • Remember that each store or business has their own rules and may not offer a senior discount.

For a complete list of seniors discount please visit seniordiscounts.com. You can search the site by category and also by location.



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