• Happy Veterans Day from the One Reverse Mortgage Family

  • by Danny McGuffin

If you have read some of my previous articles on Veteran’s Day you know that I was raised on a military base for the first 18 years of my life. Be it in Seoul, South Korea, Adana, Turkey, or Baumholder, Germany. My first 18 years of life have revolved around the military and military service members.

Even after leaving and coming to the United States for schooling, I have lived in Jacksonville, Florida and also San Diego, California, both very large military towns. So my knowledge when it comes from the point of view of someone that has seen the direct impact on families of military service members that have been deployed.

Every day, I see families, or have been in the past, apart of families that have gone on deployments. It is very difficult, your loved ones being away months at a time, with no idea where exactly they are, or what they are doing. Just being happy to get the random call, or the rare occasion getting an email or letter. It really means a lot.

This Veteran’s Day, I hope that we all can spend at least a little bit of time to appreciate the sacrifice these men and women are making for the defense of our great country.

“Freedom is Never Free.”

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