• Travel Scams to be Aware of

  • by Kristen Curzytek

The holidays are right around the corner which means a lot of will be traveling soon to visit friends and loved ones. While this is a joyous time of year, many thieves see this as a prime time to rip people off especially when they are traveling. Here are few scams you should be aware of any time of year when you are traveling.

Pizza flyer scam

After a long travel or busy day taking in the sites of your vacation you may be tempted to order out for pizza or other take-out meals from flyers that have been placed under your door in your hotel. Be very cautious from ordering from these flyers. Often these places are not even real. How the scam works is the take out place gets your credit card information and never delivers your food. They now have your credit card information and are likely already making purchases with your card. The best thing to do is just order room service or go out to eat. If the flyer does not list other locations or an address this is a major sign that the take out place is not real and is really just a scam.

The Klutz Ploy

This can happen in an airport or a restaurant. A team of pick pockets will accidently bump into you spilling something on you or around you. While you are distracted the other pick pocket will take your wallet, luggage, purse or anything they see of value. Most times you won’t realize something has been taken from you until it’s too late and the pick pockets are long gone. Remember no matter what is going on around you keep your eyes on your surroundings and your belongings.

The friendly warning signs

This is more common if you travel out of the country. You will notice signs warning of pick pockets in the area. This will have you checking your purse or wallet to make sure it’s still there. Unfortunately you have now given pick pockets a clue to where you keep your money. Remember to always know where you keep your money so you are not tempted to check to see if it is secure.

Cabbie swindlers

When traveling if you ever use taxi services remember to be extra cautious. Before taking a cab talk to a hotel worker or informational desk personnel what a cab ride should cost. This will help give you an idea of what to expect for the cost of the ride. Many cab drivers will try to inflate the price. You also want to know ways round your vacation destination if you can. Many cab drivers will drive you out of the way to make the ride cost more.  When entering the cab take note of the cab number, the drivers name and the company the driver works for. In case anything happens you have some information that would be very helpful. When leaving the cab keep a watchful eye on your luggage. Cab drivers may try to confuse you to steal one of your bags of luggage.

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