• 6 Things to Bring With You When you Travel

  • by Kristen Curzytek

When it comes to air travel, there are few essentials you want to bring with you to help make your travels easier. Whether your plane ride is taking half way around the world or just a few hours, here are six things you want to be sure to bring with you.

Essential medications

When traveling you always to bring your essential medications. You also want to make sure you keep them with you and not check them in a bag. There is no way of knowing if a flight will get delayed or if your luggage will end up getting lost. Anything that you have to take daily, make sure you keep it with you. You may also want to bring other medication like aspirin or heart burn relief medicine. You definitely want to stay healthy while traveling.


Flying can be grueling if you do not have things to keep you busy. Books, magazines, music, movies, and other electronic items are perfect for long flights. Ear plugs are also a good idea if you plan on reading on your flight and do not want to be bothered by noises on the plane.


Snacks are no longer offered for free on airplanes, but you can bring snacks with you. Be mindful to not bring smelly or messy snacks with you. Many airports have tons of food options as well, which you can bring on the plane with you. Snacks are good way to keep busy and help the time pass. Plus you can avoid that hungry feeling from happening on a long flight. You will also save yourself some money; snacks on planes can be very expensive.  Although you are restricted from the amount of liquid you can bring, you are allowed to bring purchased beverages in departure areas. Don’t forget to bring gum to help your hears from popping during takeoff and landing.

Comfort items

Small blankets and pillows are great to have on long flights, even short flights. They help make the ride a little cozier. You may possibly be restricted on the size of your pillow or blanket and it could count as your carry on item. Check with your airline to see what you can bring with you.

Credit Card

Airlines do not accept cash for payment for anything on the plane. Be sure to bring your credit card with you. Also notify your credit card provider that you will be traveling. Many credit card companies shut off cards when they are being used outside of their normal places.

Map or GPS

When you arrive at your destination you want to become familiar with the area. A map or a Global Positioning System (GPS) is a great way to familiarize with the area and find nearby attractions.

Remember to pack these things in your carry-on bag, and not your checked bag so you can have access to it while on the plane.

What do you bring with you when you are traveling by plane?

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Kristen Curzytek is a writer for the One Reverse Mortgage blog. One Reverse Mortgage is the largest reverse-only mortgage lender in America.

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