• 10 Easy Exercises For Seniors

  • by Kristen Curzytek

As a senior it can be hard to stay fit due to limited mobility. There are still a few exercises that are perfect for seniors of all ages. There are so many benefits of working out and it is so important to your overall health. Below are 10 of the best exercises for seniors.


Walking has so many benefits for the body.  Walking is a good exercise to start with if you haven’t been working out in a while. You will feel a difference in your body in one day with just a short walk. It is the perfect exercise that works the whole body.

Swimming or water aerobics

Swimming is a low impact workout that is good for seniors who have joint pain. It is an exercise that is offered at many YMCAs and many high schools offer classes to seniors. Swimming can lower stress levels and improve flexibility.


Gentlemen, before you skip over this paragraph on yoga at least read it! Yoga is not just for women and it can be very challenging. Yoga is a wonderful exercise that stretches muscles and improves flexibility. Introductory classes are a great way to learn about yoga and see if it a program for you.

Step aerobics

Aerobics of any kind is a great way to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels without having to workout real hard. Easy step routines and arm motions can burn calories like you wouldn’t believe!

Chair workouts

Workouts that involve a chair are perfect for seniors who have limited mobility. Add in some weight lifting and you can get a full body workout that can really burn some calories. There are many step classes available at gyms and there are also many step DVDs on the market.


Dance classes of all kinds are perfect for getting into shape. It burns calories and it can be a lot of fun, so much fun you may not even realize how many calories you are burning! Dance classes are a great way to bond with your significant other or meet new people.

Gardening/yard work

Believe it or not you are getting a good workout from spending time gardening. It helps with flexibility, strength and endurance. Plus your home will get the benefit of looking nicer with all the added flowers and plants.


Pilates is a form of exercise with many modifications so it is easy to do for all ages. Yet Pilates still challenges the body with core strengthening and muscle toning.  Pilates is also a good workout for people who are healing from an injury because it works the body slowly and builds up muscle strength.


If you have issues with your knees or are just not a fan of running and jogging, biking is the next best thing. It is low impact on knees but can burn up to the same amount of calories. Biking is good for all ages no matter your level of fitness.


Take your workout to the next level with some hiking. Hiking, depending on the terrain, can really be a challenging workout. This is a very challenging workout so if you attempt hiking take your time don’t start with anything too challenging.


Helpful tips

Take your time – don’t rush through your workout.

Take breaks – if you are feeling over worked, take a break!

Mix it up – Don’t stick to one style of working out. Mix up your workouts to get the most out of it.

Wear proper gear – Wear the right clothing and have the proper shoes while working out. It will help your body over all.

Buddy up – Have a friend join your workout can help time go by quickly.

Ask your doctor – Before starting any workout routine consult your doctor to be sure you are fit enough for the exercise.


Do you have any work out suggestions? Share them below!


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