The blustery cold winter months are here. Every year it seems like winter gets longer and longer! But not to worry, there are plenty of fun actives to do in the winter time that are fun, educational, and you might even meet new friends. Below are 11 hobbies you can do during the long chilly days of winter.

Mall walking – A great healthy hobby in the winter months is mall walking. Many mall open early for people to walk around to exercise and even do some window shopping. It is a great way to get in shape in the winter months when it might not be as nice to walk around outside.

A day with the grandkids – Grab the grandkids for a fun day of actives or just sit down and talk about your life and about their life. Share the family history with them. How was it for you growing up? Tell them fun stories about their parents. It is a great way to bond with your grandkids and share the family history.

Museums – Many museums have discounts for seniors (and kids) on admission. You can spend an afternoon learning about history, art or even science. Check your local museums for activity listings before you go, many offer free concerts or free actives.

Library/reading- For me there is nothing better than curling up with a good book, especially in front of a cozy warm fire place. Check out your local library to find a good book. Many libraries offer book discussion groups for free. You can pick up a classic like Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” and learn all about its rich history and the deep meanings of a classic. 

Arts – Many community centers offer classes for a small fee or even free from the classic art class to the expert art class there is something for everyone. If painting is not your cup of team, check out a sculpture class or photography class.  If you can’t find a class you are interested in at a community center check out your local community college. Many community colleges offer beginner classes for all art courses, even welding, if that’s your thing or maybe woodcrafts.

Cooking or baking – Cooking and baking are a great way to distress and fill your time. You can sign up for classes at local community centers or at community colleges. Cooking a new meal is a great way to bring the family together. You can organize a cooking exchange with friends. You can trade recipes and learn new ones from friends.

Gardening inside – If you love gardening in the summer time you will love to garden inside. Some of the best things to grow inside during the winter months are herbs and easy to grow flowers like lavender. Gardening inside is a great hobby to relieve stress. Growing herbs in the winter months gives you a fun hobby and also gives you fresh spices to add to dishes that you have grown yourself, free of pesticides!

Card games – Kenny Rogers said it best, “You gotta learn when to hold them, and when to fold them.” Many senior centers and community centers offer free card games for older adults. Even if you are unfamiliar on how the game works, there are many people available to teach you the rules of the various card games. Bring a friend and learn to play cards or test your skills against new card players. You could even meet new people and make new friends.

Plan for spring and summer time – I know I’m guilty of this almost every year. Summer time comes and all the activities I have been waiting to do are all booked up! Many actives and vacation spots are booked months in advance. During the winter is the time to book that July vacation or Labor Day family fun. Get a notebook and keep track of all the vacation plans you want to make for the year. Booking this early will ensure a great spot and maybe discounts for booking your vacation early.

Expos and trade shows – Here in Michigan there are great expos every weekend not far from where I live. These expo centers offer shows from RV shows to golf shows.  In fact my favorite one I attend every year with my mom is the Women’s Expo in April. We look forward to it every year. Many of these expos do charge a fee, be sure to check your local expo center for details.

Local YMCA/community center –Not sure if any of the hobbies are for you? Check out your local YMCA or community center. Many YMCAs and community centers offer plenty of classes on everything from arts and crafts to ball room dancing.

Starting a new hobby can be a little scary, but you might be really good at the new skill or you can meet a new friend. You don’t know until you try! Are you looking to make the most out of your retirement? Want to be doing activities like this through your retirement? A Reverse Mortgage is a way to make your retirement exactly what you want it to be. A Reverse Mortgage can give you that financial stability you have been looking for. Call one of our licensed professional today to learn about a Reverse Mortgage and how it can help improve your retirement!