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Tax Benefits

Tax Credits vs. Tax Deductions

Learn the difference between tax credits and tax deductions and how you can make the most of these benefits.

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Retirement Concerns

Ten Common Retirement Concerns

Worrying isn’t always a bad thing. If your concerns can encourage you to take action, this anxiety can be a positive motivator. However, most of the time, stressing out will do you little good. Rather than stay awake at night dwelling on financial fears, make plans to solve problems proactively. Many seniors tend to worry…

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Expiration Dates

Reverse Mortgage Counseling and Appraisal: Watch Out for Expiration Dates

Two requirements for getting a reverse mortgage are the borrower must attend counseling and have their home appraised. Because these are required, it’s important to know that these expire. If you wait too long, you may have complete them again.

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Government and HECM

HUD, FHA, and the HECM: The Government’s Role in Reverse Mortgages

Find out what the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) have to do with the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM).

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Tune in Tuesdays

Introducing Tune in Tuesday

Every two weeks, we’ll post a new video that answers your questions about the reverse mortgage.

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Reverse Mortgage Payments

Making Monthly Payments on a Reverse Mortgage

If you choose to make payments on your reverse mortgage, follow these tips to successfully pay down your loan.

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Home Foreclosure

Understanding Foreclosure and its Alternatives

If you own a home and are having trouble making ends meet, it’s important to know about foreclosure and alternative options you may have.

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Avoid Going Broke in Retirement

10 Ways to Avoid Going Broke in Retirement

With life expectancy increasing, some older Americans worry if they’ll have enough money to last their retirement. We provide a few tips to help you avoid going broke in retirement.

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Fixed and Variable Rate HECM

Fixed vs. Variable Rate HECMs

Which reverse mortgage is right for you? We explain the differences between a fixed rate HECM and a variable rate HECM.

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Credit Report Red Flags

Credit Report Red Flags for Lenders

Getting any kind of loan will most likely require the lender to view your credit report. Here are the red flags they’ll be looking for.

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Editor's Pick

Opening Day – Baseball’s Traditions

In honor of Opening Day, we take a look at some of baseball’s best traditions.

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